Property Owners/ Managers:

Due to increasing changes in the state statutes, we are again changing process.

  • All property owners/managers are responsible to notify the Lake Delton Utilities of the move in/move out date for each rental unit.  This will ensure that lease dates are complied with and will eliminate the need for additional billings for the same property (i.e. renters moving on a given date but responsible for utilities through another date).
  • All final bills will be emailed to the property owner/manager if we have your email address on file.  This will facilitate the return of security deposits and eliminate Lake Delton Utilities receiving duplicate payments for the final bill.
  • Requests for meter reading must be a minimum of 48 hours in advance. 
  • Please note as property owner you ultimately responsible for the utility bill.
  • Before any final read is done we must receive a new application for service from the new owner. See the Commercial or Residential Applications or the form can be found under News and Updates on the main page of

If you are renting out your property at the time of the closing, the past due amount can only be given to you if you have a consent form from your renter. Property owners are responsible for this amount at the time of the closing whether or not the renter will continue living at the property after the time of the closing.

Please email with the name of renter, service address, your contact phone and email to received past due notices monthly for your renters.