About 933 Residential, 61 Multi-Family Residential, 419 Commercial, 27 Public Authority, 1 Industrial meters are read monthly by radio read (MXU).

Flex Net System – Long-range radio network that serves as a secure two-way communications highway between the MXU attached to the meter and Village of Lake Delton. Readings are now done hourly with this system. The hourly readings allow AquaHawk to detect leaks.

AquaHawk Customer Portal – Take control of your water use with our AquaHawk Alerting Customer Portal. View daily water use, set thresholds you want to stay below, and receive text or email alerts. You’ll catch leaks more quickly and see how everyday activities bump up consumption. The portal is free and available to all Lake Delton customers. Please note you must set thresholds to enable the alerts.