Services maintained:

  • Streets (Plowing/Sweeping/Potholes)
  • Sanitary Sewer Lines, Pumps and Lift Stations
  • Maintenance of Public Works Vehicles
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Road Signs
  • Storm Water
  • Brush and Leaf Pick up (Residential Only)
  • Highway Median Mowing


All Village Buildings

  • Kay C Mackesey Administration Building
  • Frank Fischer Building
  • Sewer Pump Houses
  • Well Houses and Booster Stations
  • Public Works Office Building and Shops
  • Buildings at all Public Parks

All Village Ground Maintenance

  • Public Boat Launch
  • Lake Delton Beach
  • Ralph Hines Memorial Parks
  • Captain Bob’s Park
  • Kaminski Park
  • Water Tower Park
  • Lake Delton Skate Park
  • Lake Delton Cemetery
  • Lake Delton Dam

“Call Before You Dig!”  Before digging for any reason, CALL 811 or (800) 242-8511 | (877) 500-9592 (emergency only) to make sure that you don’t hit an electric line, gas pipe, or other utility line. Diggers Hotline

Things the DPW does not maintain:         

STREETLIGHTS: If you notice a street light not working please contact: Alliant Energy at 1-800-862-6222 or online street light repair request form

TRAFFIC SIGNALS: If you notice a traffic signal light not working please contact: Wisconsin Department of Transportation at 608-246-3800 Or Lake Delton Police Department at 608-254-7571