DFD Officer’s picture first. left to right:

front row; Lt. Chris Lawton, retired Lt. John Deering,

Capt. Dan Benz, Deputy Chief Mike Pepper,

Deputy Chief Dean Murray, Chief Andy Schultz

second row; Lt. Ted Masters, Lt. Nick Pendergast,

Capt. Jerry Sobojinski, retired Deputy Chief Greg Schultz

DFD Members picture, left to right:

front row; Eric Ayer, Brandon Mallo, Robert Bebber,

Dan Benz, Mike Pepper, Andy Schultz, Dean Murray,

John Deering, Casey Jensen, Shannon Breneman,

Jack Schumann, Troy Garwood.

Second row; Clinton Smith, John Gullo,

Andrew Tolwinski, William Trevorrow, Chris Lawton,

Ted Masters, Greg Schultz, Nick Pendergast,

Jerry Sobojinski, Casey Roll, Jason Preissel

Third row; Joey Rivas, James Bowen, Eric Coons,

Kris Glassey