Can I have a campfire at my house?

Village of Lake Delton
Campfires are permitted when:

  • used only for cooking or warming the body
  • use of a fire ring no more than a 48 inch diameter
  • clean wood only
  • on private property
  • adult supervision
  • does not cause a fire hazard or nuisance to other persons

All other outdoor fires are strictly prohibited, such as the burning of brush, leaves, trash, and the use of burn barrels or incinerators.

Town of Delton and Dellona
Campfires are allowed anytime, year-round, as long as a burning ban is not issued. These fires are for the purpose of cooking or warming the body.

Can I burn if I live outside the Village Limits of Lake Delton?

Burning permits are required by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in many parts of the state to conduct legal and responsible burning in the outdoors.  Burning permits are free and easy to obtain.

For any questions regarding burning that is outside of the village limits, please call the Wisconsin Dells Ranger Station at 608-254-4451.

Burning permits are required by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in DNR Forest Fire Protection Areas and outside incorporated cities and villages to conduct burning of legal materials when the ground is not completely snow-covered.

Click on the link below to obtain a burn permit, check on fire danger and burning restsrictions, or for contact information to a DNR warden:


What do I do if I have a fire?

First, get everyone out of the building. Then use a cell phone or a neighbor’s phone to call 911. Never try to fight the fire yourself or go back into a burning building. Call 911 early to get the Fire Department to your home or business quickly – never delay. When in doubt, call 911.

Should I have a fire extinguisher in my home?

Yes, but only if you are willing to follow these rules. First, call 911. The delay in calling for the Fire Department to respond may make the difference in saving your life or property. Second, understand that fire extinguishers in a home should never be used to fight large or spreading fires. No fire extinguisher should be used on any fire that is larger than a waste basket in size. Many times the improper use of an extinguisher makes the fire worse and spreads fire into places where it would not normally go. You must choose the right type, size, and class of extinguisher for your home, and you need to be properly trained and experienced in using one. Feel free to contact the Fire Department for more information.

Do I need a Carbon Monoxide detector?

Per state law, all single family and two-unit homes, new and existing, must install a CO alarm on every floor level, near sleeping areas.  A CO alarm is needed if your home has any fuel burning appliance such as stoves, ovens, grills, clothes dryers, furnaces, boilers, water heaters, fireplaces, and heaters or has an attached garage.

What if my carbon monoxide detector is going off?

If people in the house are experiencing flu-like symptoms, get out of the building into fresh air and call 911 immediately. If there are no signs of illness, take a look at the back of the CO detector where there will be an explanation of what the alarm activation means. As an example, four beeps could mean low battery. For further assistance, call Sauk County Dispatch center at (608) 254-8331 and request to have the Fire Department respond to your home.

Does the Fire Department charge me if you come to my property for a call?

 This depends on where you live.  There is no charge for a fire department response if you live in the Town of Delton or Village of Lake Delton.  There is a charge per call based on services provided if you live in the Delton Fire coverage area of the Town of Dellona or on Ho-Chunk Nation Tribal land.

Does the Fire Department conduct courtesy home fire inspections?

Yes. The Department’s fire inspectors have the responsibility of conducting fire and safety inspections in all commercial establishments and apartment buildings. The inspectors will also come to any residential home in the Village and conduct a courtesy inspection in order to help identify hazards and provide suggestions for improvement. There is no charge for this service.

What do I do when an emergency vehicle is approaching?

Just remember to “Pull to the Right for Sirens and Lights.” It is critically important for motorists to yield the right-of-way to emergency vehicles; lives depend on it. By law, the driver of a vehicle is required to pull to the RIGHT and STOP immediately upon seeing an emergency vehicle approaching with its lights and/or siren on. This includes traffic moving in either direction. Remember, you must yield the right of way to an emergency vehicle, never follow closer than 500 feet behind one, do not park in the same block of emergency responders during an incident and never drive over fire hose.

What is the “Move Over Law?”

Drivers must provide a safety zone for stopped fire apparatus, law enforcement, other emergency responders, and maintenance vehicles. To help safeguard personnel who work on the side of highways, Wisconsin has a “Move Over Law.” The law requires drivers to shift lanes or slow down in order to provide a “safety zone” for a fire truck, squad car, ambulance, tow truck, or highway maintenance vehicle that is stopped on the side of a road with its warning lights flashing. Drivers have two options for creating a safety zone: if the road has more than one directional lane, like the Interstate, and you can switch lanes safely, you must move over to vacate the lane closest to the vehicle with its lights flashing. If you can’t safely move over, you must reduce your speed. Failure of motorists to move over is one of the reasons that motor vehicle crashes kill more law enforcement officers on duty than any other cause.

ISO rating

ISO stands for Insurance Services Office and one of their services is the Public Protection Classification system often referred to as the ISO rating of a city. This rating represents the effectiveness of fire protection in a city on a scale of one through ten with a class one being the best or superior fire protection and class 10 not meeting minimum criteria.

Currently, Delton Fire Department has an ISO rating of 4

When are sirens activated?

There are five outdoor warning sirens located in the Village of Lake Delton. These sirens are intended to alert those who are outside if there is a tornado warning for our immediate area. The sirens are tested each month on the first Wednesday at noon.

fire codes?

Village of Lake Delton Fire Codes: