Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #4
January 1980-February 1980

Approve the request of Midwest Amusement Mfg. To add various amusements to their park including waterslide, dune cats, and helicopter providing the flight pattern for the helicopter be submitted to the board for approval. Motion Carried.

Approve the request of Mr. T’s Restaurant to move the present Class A Combo license form 2 Munroe Ave to 11 Whitlock Street. Motion Carried. Grant Class B Beer to Thomas, Loretta Theodore and Angeline Kaminski a/b/a Mr T’s Restaurant. Motion Carried.

Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #5
                    February 1980-December 1980


Robert Nagel hired as Building & Sign Inspector

Rescind the actions of 2/4/1980 on the amusement permit to Midwest Amusement Mfg. Inc Motion Carried.


Building Permit: Harold Sarafin – Tike Motel


Class B Combo: Gruman Realty Inc

04/02/1980 Election


Leslie Bremer (Trustee)

William Schorer III (Trustee)

Ray Kissack (Trustee)


Class B Beer – Johnson-O’Malley Inc.


Building Permit: Midwest Amusement (2)

Class B Beer for the Lions Club for Balloon Rally


Building Permit: Familyland (2), Richard Reinbolt, Delton Oaks Inc

Class A Beer: J. Lo Ray Inc, Country Market Inc, Kristee Ann Weber and Susan Marie Weber Brenz, Coloma Oil Co. Inc.

Class A Combo: Country Market Inc, Dale E Klitzke, Anchor Investments Ltd, Thomas & Loretta & Angeline & Theodore D. Kaminski, Dells Cheese Inc.

Class B Beer: Great Adventures Unlimited Inc, Mr Pancake Restaurant Inc, Tommy Bartlett Inc, Bomberinos Ltd., Johnson-O’Malley Inc, Dells Inn Inc, Virginia Uphoff Enterprises Inc.

Class B Combo: Delton Inn Towne Motel Inc, F.I. Ficher’s Inc, Dell View Corporation, frank Jaubow, Uldras Inc, House of Embers Inc, Gruman Realty Inc., Frank J Kaminski & Dennis Snyder, Pasquale Reda, Del-Bar Inc, Ted A Kozyra, George James Edler, Getgen & O’Malley Inc.

Amusement License: Lake Delton Boat Rental, Dells Seaplane Service, Adventure Village, L.L. Merrill, Great Adventues Unlimited Inc, Tommy Bartlett Water Show (2)

Lake Delton Water Exhibitions: Tommy Bartlett Inc


Class A Beer: Hitching Post Inc, A & S Sports Distributing Inc

Class B Beer: Familyland Inc, He Pe Inc, Tom-Theodore-Loretta-Angeline Kaminski, George and Frances Kalka, The Rustic Inn Inc

Amusement: Wisconsin Dells Novelty Inc, Familyland Inc, M.G.N. Enterprises Inc.-Biblical Gardens, Bucky Beaver Miniature Golf, Storybook Gardens, Johnson kart Mfg. Inc – Blue Star Slide, Johnson Kart Mfg Inc.- Johnson Park, Castle Rides-Dells Art Inc. Mattei Enterprises Inc – Kartland

Midwest Amusements, Noah’s Ark of Wisconsin Dells

Reviewed Building Permits: Country Market, Robert Fawcett


Reviewed Building Permits: John Obrochta, Noah’s Ark, Country Chicken, Joe Bliss, Theodore Stolarski, Don Anderson

Amusement: Lost Canyon Tours, Waterslides of Wisconsin Inc, Lake Delton Moped Rental

Ticket Both: Lost Canyon Tours, Soma Boat Lines


Building Permit: William Bell (East Hiawatha Drive)


Class B Combo to Fred & Lorraine Martens with the provision that if and when the said leases shall leave the licensed premises (Red Bull Inn) that the license will remain with the premise and will return to owner.  Current license held by Ted Kozyra will have to be relinquished.

Building Permit: Walter Gluth, Paul Schroeder, Millard Steyer, Dells Art Inc, Storybook Gardens, Dellview Resort.


Building Permit: Casey Purta-Skyline motel, Tommy Bartlett Inc, Maurice Delmore Jr., Jim Weber, John Mackesey.


Building Permit: Poluslaw Winkowski, Dick Rasmussen, Faralene Nelson

Class A Combo – Wisconsin Cheese Haus of Wisconsin.


Building Permit: Delton Inn Towne Inc., Ryan Construction Co Inc, Hale Kai Inc, Joe Labak, Walter Schleef, Mike Kratochwill, Harold Sarafin