Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #4
January 1979-December 1979


Class A Combo: Dale Klitzke upon surrender of the previous license held by Mr. Kenneth Kennedy


Class B Beer: George & Frances Kalka

Building Permits: Pine Aire Motel and Port Vista Marina


Discussion was held on the request of Waterman’s to erect and amusement area on the property adjacent to the Monaco Motel. The slide would be left and Go Karts and Miniature gold would be added.  During the discussion those present were informed that plan are also being formulated by Ron Flock and Tom Egan to erect an amusement area in the outdoor theatre area.


Turk & Jack Waterman made a presentation to the committee regarding their proposal to operate a 4-wheeled motorized amusement next to the Monaco Motel.  Alex Chicz (Monaco Motel) & Dick Hadjuk (Royal Motel) also present

Ronnie Flock also present as he is also planning same type of amusement.

Approval of application for Midwest Amusements to operate motorized 4-wheeled vehicles on the property formerly owned by Slides Inc., next to the Monaco Motel that they work harmoniously with the adjacent property owners, and when M. Flock has definite plans for his project that this committee meet again. Motion Carried.


Class B Combo: Frank Kaminski & Dennis J Snyder

Building Permit: Uldras Inc., Robert Sarrington, George T Astle, Frank Jakubow.

Amusement: Midwest Amusements on former Slides Inc. property

04/04/1979  Election

Elected:     Frank Fischer (President)

M.D. Newsom (Trustee)

Timothy C Brandt (Trustee)

Thomas Diehl (Trustee)


Building Permit: William Schorer III, Claude Cahoon


Delton Lions Club granted Class B Beer for Balloon rally June 1,2,3.


Building Permits: Ed Baggott Capt Some Boat Lines Ticket Booth

Class B Beer: Robert W Kaufman

Amusement License: Steve Zowin-Lake Delton Boat Rental


Building Permit: William Schoenbeck, Noel Mattei- familyland, Popcorn Wagon applied for by David Thomas providing all setback requirements met.

Amusement: Noel Mattei- Familyland, Gregory Robertson – Moped Rentals at the corner of U.S. Hwy 12 and Shady Lane Road (Soma property)


Building Permit:  Annette Haizlip, Soma Boat Lines

Class A Beer: Kickapoo Oil Co Inc, Country market Inc, Coloma Oul Co Inc, Susan marie Weber, Hitching Post Inc.

Class B Combo: House of Embers Inc, Frank Jakubow, Dell View Corporation, Uldras Inc., Getgen & O’Malley Inc, Mark III Inc, Frank J Kaminski, Dennis J Snyder, F.I. Fischer’s Inc, Del-Bar Inc., Ted A Kozyra, Enid E. Baker, Pasquale Reda, and Delton Inn Towne Motel Inc

Class B Beer: Dells Inn Inc, Lake Delton Management Co Inc, Tommy Bartlett Inc, Virginia Uphoff Enterprises Inc, Ogden Food Service Corp of Wisconsin, Great Adventures Unlimited Inc, George & Frances Kalaka, Mr Pancake Restaurant Inc.

Class A Combo: Dells Cheese Co Inc, Dale Klitzke, Anchor Investments LTD, Country Market Inc, Thomas L -Theodore D-Loretta A- Angeline M Kaminski.

Amusement License: Noel Mattei-Familyland, J Terry Enterprises Inc, James & Barbara Mattei-Wonder Spot, Waterslides of Wisconsin Inc, Tommy Bartlett Inc, Seven M Zowin-Lake Delton Boat Rental, Gregory Robertson-Moped Rental, Egan Enterprieses Inc-Storybook Gardens, Otto Medo-Medo’s Lake Delton Seaplane Tours, Dells View Corporations. L.L. Merrill, great Adventures Unlimited Inc, Wisconsin Duck’s Inc.

Ticket Booth: Dells Associated Boat Lines, Wisconsin Ducks Inc, Riverview Boat Line

Taxi Cab: Salavador Medina

Mobile Home and Campground: Hitching Post Inc. Thomas Webb, Tommy Bartlett Motel.


Class B Beer: robert kaufman at Henny Penny Rest and Pepe’s Tacos, Bomberino’s Ltd.

Amusement:Ray Kissack, Johnson-O’Malley Inc Gordon Lewison, Biblical Gardens, Mattei Enterprises and Hotel Enterprises Inc

Ticket Booth: Ray Kissack

Building Permits: Kenneth W Hanson, Johnson Landholdings-Virginia Uphoff Enterprises Inc.


Mr Chester Busses and Mr Corell asked the board for approval to use the building formerly owned and operated by Joe Frisco for sale of fireworks. Such approval was granted.

Class B Beer: He Pe Inc for Henny Penny Restaurant and Pepe’s Tacos

Ticket Booth: Capt Soma Boat Line

Building Permits:  Mc Donald’s Restaurant,  James & Theresa Piowtrowski, Robert A Herman, Russell Hinze

12month extension given for Robin Hood Motel 14 units.


Maurice Delmore Jr to move from the Corner of Hwy 12 and Hiawatha Drive to Dells Manor Unit 1 and recommends permission to be given for moving these two houses.

Approved with property permits.