Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #4
January 1978-December 1978


Building: David J Schoblocher, Leslie Bremer


Raze Permit: Charles Thompson


Building: Dellview Resort, Wm Schorer III, Chester Kon


Building: Dellview Resort, Jon C Scott


Sign Permit by Kahler Corp to change sign to Best Western


Building: Mr Pancake

04/05/1978  Election


William C Schorer III (Trustee)

Ray Kissack (Trustee)

Leslie Bremer (Trustee)


Cigarette: Ted Kozyra – Red Bull Inn

Class Beer: Susan Weber


Building: George R Kaminski, Sandman Motel


Purchase Kaminski & Brousil lands for park development


Class B Combo to Gary James Maddrell which replaces license originally issued to K Parry Harding for the Reef


Norm Schein- Lake Biologist Inc. Lake spraying program for Lake Delton – Weeds & Algae


Great American Fire Engine Rides & Museum approved routes of Common Motor Carriers approved.


Granted application of Stephan Muzyka to construct 30 unit motel on former Frisco & Dunn Property (next to Shell station)

Steve Guildner, building permits for storage on County A of his rafts and canoes which he uses on the Wisconsin River Trip.

Building Permit: House of Embers


Ticket Booth: Wis Ducks Inc, Capt Soma Boat Line, Dells Assoc. Boat Lines. Riverview Boat Line,

Amusement: Wis Ducks Inc, Otto Medo Egan Enterprises Inc, Steven Guildner, L.L. Merrill

Class B Combo: Jimmie’s Del-Bar Inc, Goerge J Edler, Enid E Baker, Ted A Kozyra, Frank Jakubow, Pasquale Reda, Otto J Medo, House of Embers Inc, Gary J Maddrell, Dell View Corporation, Gergen & O’Malley Inc, F. I. Fischer’s Inc and Uphoff’s Bar Restaurant Inc.

Class B Beer: Mr Pancake Restaurant Inc, Mark Ovard, Ogden Food Service of Wis., Lake Delton Management Co Inc.(Pizza Hut)

Class A Beer: Lake Delton Quick Mart, Susan Marie Weber, Country Market Inc

Class A Combo: Country Market Inc, Anchor Investments LTD, Humbird Cheese mark Inc, Dells Cheese Co Inc., Oberdiek’s Family Restaurant Inc.


Class B Beer: Thomas Anderson, Shank’s Restaurants Inc

Class A Beer: Hitching Post Inc.

Trailer Park: Hitching Post Inc

Building Permit: Glen Getgen, Christine Rudy.


Deny Request of Delton Outdoor Theatre to hold open air flea markets on Saturday Nights unless same is placed under some type of structure.


Amusement: Great Adventures Unlimited, Gordon Lewison, Ray Kissack, James & Barbara Mattei, Matarope Corp, Howard Ryerson, Sandore Dec. Co Inc, K Terry Enterprises Inc, Holt Enterprises Inc (2), Mattei Enterprises, Johnson-O’Malley Inc, Tommy Bartlett Inc.

Garbage Hauling: Beard Trucking Co and Ronald Lapp

Class B Beer:Great Adventures Unlimited Inc, Dells Inn Inc, Dennis Frank D’Jock, Virgina Uphoff Enterprises Inc, Tommy Bartlett Motels LTD.

Building Permits: Edgar Rice and Leslie Bremer


Building Permit: Thomas Meehan, Mike McDonough

Razing Permit for Thomas Meehan

Mobile Home: Tom Webb

Amusement: MGN Enterprises, Lake Delton Outdoor Theatre, great Adventures Unlimited, Waterslide of Wisconsin Inc, and Dell View Resort.


Class A Combo:  J Jerome Karaus


Building Permit: David Witecha and John Mackesey


Ordinance on Mobile Home Parks if Mr Webb can comply with ordinance they would allow the extension of lots 93-100 with 6′ fence to screen residence from Eagle Road


Building Permit # Harold Lapp


Building Permit# Richard Lange, Glenn Heidke, Wil-Mac Builders


Building Permit: C.A. Le Page, Glenister Van Zile, Reece Dickerson


Mr Caismir Labak approved to build 14 units and residence at Robin Hood Resort must start with in one year of approve and hook to sanitary sewer.

Building Permit: Jeff Braun, George Kuzyk


Building Permit: Virgina Hall


Building Permit: Dave Schultz, Glenister Van Zile, Gordon Pikel, Charlotte Sarrington