Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #4
January 1977-December 1977


Building Permit: William Bell


Building Permit: D.C. Van Wie, Warren Schultz


Class A Beer – James Quinn, Country Market Inc.

Building Permit: Bernice Hunwardsen

04/08/1977  Election


Francis Fischer (President)

M.D. Newsom (Trustee)

Frank Kaminski (Trustee)

John D Shanks (Trustee)


Building Permit: Ravina Inn Resort

Class A Beer: Mary Lou Hoverson


Great Adventure Unlimited Inc, approve to operate amusement park & amphibious duck tours as applied for provide tours enter & exit on their present easement next to Thunderbird Motel.

Building: Walter Obois, Chester Busse, Gayle Van Ert, Joe Zapuchlak, Johnson

Land Holdings (Waterslides of WI Inc) Tommy Bartlett Motel Ltd.

Amusement License:Johnson Land Holdings


Building Permit: Ida Flath, Wis Duck’s Inc, Dells Familyland

Amusement: Familyland Go-karts

Class B Beer: Thomas Anderson


Class B Beer James R Koutromanouse

Amusement License: James R & Barabara Mattei

Building Permit: Patricia Klapper


Amusement License: James R and Barabara Mattei ( Wonder Spot) Waterslides of Wisconsin Inc., L.L. Merrill, M G N Enterprises Inc, Familyland Go Karts, Sandore Dev. Co , Howard Ryerson, and Great Adventures Unlimited. Otto J Medo, Dell View Corp. Egan Enterprises.

Outdoor Theatre License: Sauk Outdoor Theatre Inc

Trailer Park: Hitching Post Inc of Wis Dells

Ticket Booth: Riverview Boat Line (2) Wisconsin Duck’s Inc (2) Dells Associated Boat Lines

Class B Combo: Frank Jakubow, House of Embers, Uphoff’s Bar Restaurant Inc, Pasquales Reda, Enid E Baker, Helen M Dunn, The Del-Bar Inc, F.I. Fisher’s Inc, Otto J Medo, Marjorie E Machovec, Kenneth Parry Harding, Dell View Corp.

Class A Combo: Country Market Inc, Anchor Investments Ltd., James F Quinn, Dells Cheese Co Inc., Patricia D Klapper

Class A Beer: Country Market Inc, Georgia L Anderson, Coloma Oil Co. Inc, Mary Lou Halverson, Hitching Post of Wisconsin Dells

Class B Beer: Mark Ovard, Thomas P Anderson, Kileen R Houtromanous, Dells Inn Inc, Ogden Food Service of Wisconsin on Lake Delton Management Inc.


Ticket Booth: Ray Kissack

Trailer Park: Tom Webb, Tommy Bartlett Motels Ltds

Taxi Cab: Arnold K Platt

Attraction: Lost Canyon Tours

Class B Beer: Shanks Restaurant Inc, Virgina Uphoff Enterprises Inc, Mr Pancake, Natter-Thompson Inc, Tommy Bartlett Motels Ltd.

Class A Beer:Ray Kissack


Amusement: John O’Malley, Tommy Bartlett Inc, Capt Soma Boat Line, Mattei Enterprises Inc, W.T. Cobb-Superslide, Holt Enterprises Inc (2) Great Adventures Unlimited ( Duck Rides Only no amusement park built)


Class B Beer: Great Adventures Unlimited Inc

Trailer Park: K & I Attractions

Attraction: Gordon S Lewson, K & I Attractions Inc, J. Terry Enterprises Inc, Ron & Judy Amusement Co.


Ticket Booth: Great Adventures Unlimited Inc

Building: Percy Seamans, Kenneth Zartner, Gordon Gasser, Wm Lettow


Building Permit: John Holtz, Getgen-O’Malley Inc, Ray Kissack, Duane Platt, Playday Motel


Class B Combo: Getgen & O’Malley Inc


Building: Playday Motel (move residence to Gerald Staller property known as Badger Gem) Lyle Ebsen, Tom Krause


Building: Al Horn, Michael Boyko


Building: Martha Griffin, Roman Kuzyk, Leonard Haferman, George Kowal, Playday Motel (2), Alex Chicz, Charles Pearson.


Park Committee recommends:

  1. That the land owned by the Village of Lake Detlon called “Dells Manor Park” be divided into four lots and be sold – further, that land be obtained north of this location and west of Wisconsin Dells Pkwy for a village park and playground for the residents of this area.
  2. the area owned by the Village consisting of fifteen acres bounded by C.T.A. on the north and east and the Duck Trails on the south and west, known as the State of Wisconsin Trout Pond be turned into a nature trail, a municipal park and that the two ponds or at least on pond be filled in with water and that part be ground filled to allow parking and park area.
  3. An area close to the Lake Delton Grade School be obtained and be large enough to include an area for playground, tennis court, picnic area, and parking.
  4. That the area known as the “Triangle Park” bounded by Sunset Blvd.., Elk Road & Hiawatha Drive be made into a local playground area and park.


Building: Katherine Malisch, Wis Duck’s Inc, Johnson Landholding, Gerald Kimball, Roto Electric.


When Land in purchased for new park site the park be called Ralph M Hines Memorial Park and that monies which are being given toward a memorial be placed in trust toward the purchase of a plaque & sign for the park.