Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #4
January 1975-December 1975


Building Permit: Richard Reinboldt

Milk Dealers: Jacobson Distributing Martin All Star Dairy, Gruber Bros Dairy and Dolly Madison Dairies


Building Permits: D.L. Gasser, Edler’s Import Shop, Don Scott


Building Permits: Payne’s Service Center, Curtis Goodfellow, Chris Mantor

04/04/1975 Election


Frank J. Kaminski (Trustee)

M.D. Newsom (Trustee)

John D Shanks (Trustee)

Frank Fischer (President)


Class B Beer: Ogden Food Service Corporation of Milwaukee at Dells Familyland

Class A Beer: Payne’s Service Center

Building Permits: Jack Adams Estate, Edsel Murray and Mc Donald’s


Building Permits: Glen Tourdot, Four Season Structures Inc, John Uphoff


Employ David Leifer part time on the Lake Delton Police Dept.

Amusement License: Albina Curio (Wonder Spot)

Class B Beer to Don Marsich

Building Permits: Priscilla Counsell, Edgar Rice


Class A beer: Camper Corner

Amusement License: Sand Trail Enterprises Inc, J Terry Enterprises Inc, Bellwood Amusement, Sybartie Corp., Slides Inc, Dell Veiw Hotel, Storybook Gardens, Wonder Spot, Otto J Medo, Ray Kissack-Lost Canyon Tours, Biblical Gardens, Joe Frisco, Aquaducks Inc.

Theatre License: Sauk Outdoor Theatre Inc

Ticket Booth: Apollo Tours(2),Dells Associated Boat Tours, Aquaducks, Soma Boat Line

Trailer Park: Tommy Bartlett Motels LTD

Class B Beer: Shanks Restaurants Inc, Natter-Thompson Inc., Virgina Uphoff Enterprises Inc,Dells Inn Inc, Tommy Bartlett Motels LTD, A.R. Ovard, Dennis Wampler

Class A Beer: Hitching Post Inc of Wisconsin Dells, Country Market Inc, Paynes Service Center Zinc, Far Mor Oil Co Inc, C Robert Howard, Georgia L Anderson

Class B Combo:Patrica D Klapper, John S Wayne, Anchor Investments LTD

Class B Combo: Uphoff’s Br Restaurants Inc, F.I. Fischer’s Inc, Frank Jakubow, K Parry Harding, Marjorie Machovec, Enid E. Baker, Helen Dunn, George E Edler, Tagquale Reda, Del-Bar Inc.


Ticket Booth: Apollo Tours Inc., (Steinweg property), Riverview Boat Line, Wisconsin Ducks Inc

Trailer Park: Hitching Post Inc, L.H. Inman, Johnson Landholdings, Tom Webb

Amusement License:Johnson O’Malley Inc, K & I Attractions, Sandore Development Corp., Howard Ryerson, Holt Enterprises (2), Robert Walden, Wisconsin Duck’s Inc.

Class B Beer: Lubomyr Kuzyk, Ogden Food Service of Wisconsin.

Building Permits: Apollo tours, B.K. Jordan, John Mackesey


Amusement License: Dell View Hotel Riding Stables

Building Permit: Robert May

Approve two openings off the frontage road for  Dennis F. D’Jock for the operation of a proposed Ice Cream Shop for Tom & Kathy D’Jock providing culverts are used that meet village’s specifications.

Approve applications for building permit applied for by Riverview Boat Line #597 for erections of a ticket booth, applications for Sign permit #215, and application for a ticket booth license but that said license and permits not be issued until such lime as letter is received from Mr. Anen that persons patronizing the ticket booth may use his restroom facilities, and that letter be received from Mr. Quinn and Grove Dells LTD that there are no stipulations on this property regarding ticket booth placement.


Building Permit and Ticket Booth License for  Apollo Tours to be located on the Joe Frisco Property

Granted a license applied for by Tommy Bartlett Inc to operate a water ski show and related outdoor acts on Lake Delton in the Village of Lake Delton including an aerial Helicopter Act for the year beginning on 7/1/1976 and ending on 6/30/1977 and approve that application for a license as applied by for Helicopter Charter Inc to operate Helicopter Rides from 7/1/1976 to 6/30/1977 from the entrance to Tommy Bartletts Water Show on Highway #12 Lake Delton Wi.

Building Permit: Richard Current and Howard Lantz.


Building Permit: Charles Brandt


Building Permit: Cole Skibicky(Lake Delton Motel)

Taxi Cab License: William Murray (Dells Taxi)


Robert Fawcett moved to rank of Sgt and pay increase as of 10-01-1975

Building Permits: Richard A. Reinbolt, Thomas D.Jock, Freeway Lumber Co., Tommy Bartlett Motel LTD, John Shanks


Building Permit: John Mackesey


Building Permit: Martichick, Casimer Labak, Micheal Papashkewych, Pricella Counsell, Walter Skibicky, James Quinn, Robert Walden


Building Permits: Bill Wheeler, Ray Kissack, Kenneth Hall, Lubomyr Kuzyk

Class A Combo: Patricia Klapper

Class B Beer: Oberdick’s Family Rest.


Building Permit: Lubomyr Kuzyk, John Zapuchlak, Wis. Ducks Inc.


Building Permit: Ray Braun


Building Permit: George Hofmann, Warren Schultz, Tom Meehan, Tommy Bartlett