Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #3
January 1974-October 1974


Milk Dealer License: Phil Martiny & Son

Women’s Club to refurbish the present Clerk’s Office for library purpose providing the township is in agreement.

Special Gathering Class B Beer license applied for by the Wisconsin Dells Jaycees for Jan. 27, 1974


Building Permit: Mc Donald Corp.

Building Permit: Frank Fitzgerald.

Garbage hauling: William Beard , Harold Lapp

Milk Dealers: Dolly Madison Dairies

Applied for master charge card for purchases at Kilbourn Cooperative and Coast to Coast Store.

Earnest Cole employment to be terminated if does not consent for examination by Dr. Bernard S Schaeffer.


Milk Dealer: Gruber Bros. Dairy


No further construction or action allowed on the Joe Frisco Wonderful Work of Animal until it meet conditions and follows building codes.


Building Permits: Freeway Lumber Co, Anchor Investments and Joe Frisco

Special Gathering Class B Beer license applied for by the Wisconsin Dells Knights of Columbus June 28- July1 1974


Amusement License: Sand Trail Enterprises on the Johnson Property behind Clark’s Restaurant expiring 06/30/1974 and 06/30/1975

Building Permit: Abe Holton, Robert Walden, Ray Manges, and Tom Luke

Otto Medo’s held for Review.


Order a brass plaque for the new municipal building listing the date of construction and members of the board.

Building Permit: Gerald Staller (2) Dells Cheese Co.

Also Otto Medo approved with the stipulation that he construct an off street parking area.

Denied Class A Beer license to Anchor Investment Inc


Village Attorney to research the advantages and disavantages of becoming a city of the fourth class.

Class B Combo: Helen Dunn, The Del-Bar Inc, F.I. Fischers Inc, Williamson’s Dell View Hotel, House of Embers Inc, Enid E Baker, Otto J Medo, Pasquale Reda, George Edler, K Parry Harding, Uphoff’s Bar Restaurant Inc., Marjorie Machovec, Frank Jakubow

Class B Beer: Natter-Thompson Inc, Dells Inn Inc, Dennis Wampler, Bertah Gallm Shanks Resaurants Inc, Virginia Uphoff Enterprises Inc.

Class A Beer:  C. Robert Howard, Raymond Farrey, Country Market Inc, Hitching Post Inc of Wisconsin Dells, Georgia L. Anderson, Anchor Investments LTD

Class A Combo: Patricia Klapper, John S Wayne

Amusement License: Robert Bashaw, Joe Frisco, Henry Wilson Johnson-O’Malley Inc. Egan Enterprises Inc, George Hofmann, M.G.N. Enterprises, Slides Inc, Resorts Unlimited Inc, Ray Kissack, Verl F Mc Nutt, Thomas Becker, Sybarite Corporation.

Trailer Park: Johnson Landholding Co, Tommy Bartlett Motels LTD, Hitching Post of Wisconsin Dells

Ticket Booth: Riverview Boat Line, Wisconsin Duck’s Inc (2) and Dells Associated Boat Line

Theatre License: Sauk Outdoor Theatre Inc.

Building Permit: Victor Ahlstrom and Ronald Soma


Class B Beer: Tommy Bartlett’s Motels Ltd, Lubomyr Kuzyk

Amusement License: Dells View Hotel, Robert Walden, Dells
Familyland, Howard Ryerson, K & I Attractions

Trailer Park License: Tom Webb and Les Inman

Amusement License: Helicopter Charter Inc, Bartlett Water Show for 7/1/1975 to 06/30/1976

Building Permit: D.L. Gasser, John Uphoff, George Edler, Frank Jakubow


Transfer Amusement license from Robert Bashaw to J. Terry Enterprises for the Bash mobiles and Jumping Jack and to approve application for an archery range all located on property owned by George Hofmann and known as Bellwood Amusement.

Amusement License: Holt Enterprises Inc, Aquaducks Inc

Taxi Cab: Dells Taxi Service

Ticket Booth: Aquaduck’s Inc, Soma Boat Line

Milk Dealers: Jacobson Distributing


Building Permit: Faith Baptist Church, Don Tery


Building Permit: Barry Baker,


Village establishes the policy of never lowering the Lake prior to November 1 of each year and raise the lake the last week in March.


Building Permit: Elmer Smithson, Freeway Lumber Co


Building Permit: John Shanks

Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #4
October 1974-December 1974


Building Permits: Harold Stowell , Alex Chicz


Building Permits: Crawford Oil Company, Tommy Bartlett Inc, Lawrence Godlewski, Gayle Van Ert


Dave Leifer hired part time for the Village at time when two men would be riding together in squad at $4.00 per hour