Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #3
January 1973-December 1973


Dells Jaycees Fisheree to be held 01/21/1973 with special beer license.

No Sewer service charge be made on the firemen’s meeting hall the former Masonic Lodge Building.

Tree Trimmers License: Nelson-Pikel Tree Service, David Solter


Change in Fisheree from 01/22/1973 to 02/11/1973

Approve use of east parking lot by the T-Bird, Edsel Antique Car Club in Late May. Motion Carried.

Class A Combo license transferred to Frances Clark Rodwell.

Garbage Haulers License: Harold Lapp


Clerk to notify Chief Clampitt competed one year probationary period and is now duly authorized Police Chief of the Village of Lake Delton.


Milk Dealers: Gruber Bros, Dairy Borden Inc, Mariny All Star Dairy, Dolly Madison Dairies.


Milk Dealer: Jacobson Dist. Co.

Building Permits: Don Winchel

Amusement: Otto Medo (Operate Sea Plane on Lake Delton)


Building Permits: Tommy Bartlett Inc, Gayle Van Ert


Building Permits: Deltons Oaks Inc, Manewa Inc, Natter-Thompson (Mr. Pancake), Charles Brandt and Associates, William Goddard, Bob Reese.


Class A Beer – Hitching Post Inc d/b/a Bonanza Heights at Bonanza Hill Trailer park & Campground


Mrs. Emmet Reynolds was present and asked that the Village assume the assets and liabilities of the cemetery. She turned over all the records except those in the possession of Alberta Findley.

Franchise granted to Vacationland Cablevision Inc to acquire construct and operate a cable television in the Village of Lake Delton.

Purchase dock for the sea plan from Endres Mfg. Co. and Fog Machine from Clarke Outdoor Spraying Company Inc for Mosquito control to be payable from the room tax account.

Building Permits: Art Kesler, K & I Attractions, Lyle Ebsen

1973 committee appointments


Class A Combo: Chester Busse and Anchor Investments Ltd.

Class B Beer: Pasquale Reda, Dells inn Inc, Tommy Bartlett Motel Ltd., K. Parry Harding; Otto J Medo

Class A Combo:  Frances C Rodwell and John Wayne

Class A Beer: Georgia Anderson,  Raymond William Farrey, Country Market

Class B Combo: Robert E Machovec, Helen M Dunn, The Del-Bar Inc, Frank Jakubow, F.I. Fischer’s Inc, Uphoff’s Bar Restaurant Inc, Williamson’s Dell View Hotel Corporations and House of Embers Inc.

Amusment: Vincent Arts, Sierra Inn Inc, Sybarite Corporation, Wisconsin Ducks Inc, Sauk Outdoor Theatre Inc, Storybook Gardens, Thomas Becker, The Wonder Spot, dells Familyland, Lost Canyon Enterprises Inc.

Trailer Park: L.H. Inman, Johnson Landholding Co, Tommy Bartlett Motel’s Ltd.,

Ticket Booth: Wisconsin Duck’s Inc, Dells Associated Boat Lines, Riverview Boat Lines.

John Mackesey hired to operate mosquito control equipment at rate of $25.00 per spraying including labor to maintain equipement.

Building Permits: Ronnie Flock, George Edler, Wisconsin Duck’s Inc, Peter Polito


Building Permit: Dells Fair & Flea market for flea market vendors

Denied Class A Combo applied for by Irene Kuzyk

Alberta Findley be appointed Sec.-Treas. For the Village of Lake Delton Cemetery Fund.

Class A Beer: Robert C Howard at Dairyland Cheese,

Class B Beer: Henny-Penny Kitchen Inn Restaurant ( Bertha Oetzman Gall), Virgina Uphoff Enterprises Inc, Natter-Thompson Inc, Melvin W Domres, Shanks Restaurant Inc.

Amusement License: Biblical Gardens, Johnson-O’Malley Inc, Slides Inc.


Discuss with DOT the replacement of the Highway #12 bridge:


Contracted with Owen Ayres & Associates to design a replacement for the Adams Street Bridge.


Village to purchase – page ad in the Dells Events honoring Bartlett’s 20 years of operations in the Village of Lake Delton.

Amusement License: K & I Attractions Inc, Robert Walden, Holt Enterprises Inc, Dell View Riding Stables, Resorts Unlimited Inc., Aqua Ducks Inc., Soma Boat Lines Inc., Howard Ryerson.

Trailer Park License: Tom Webb, Bonanza Heights.

Taxi Cab: Wayne Van Schoyck

Approve Amusement License to Larry Roberts subject to written verifications to Att. Bannon regarding liability insurance.

Class B Beer: Lubomyr Kuzyk, Ravina Inn Resort Inc. Mark III Inc

Class A Beer: Hitching Post Inc d/b/a Bonanza Heights

The Village Board will continue the investigation of the shooting incident in our police department. This will include a study to the comprehensive report form the Sheriff’s Department and Sauk County District Attorneys office and we will announce our decision after investigation of the reports.

Accepted Chief Robert Clampitt’s registration effective immediately June 26, 1973.


Frederic Bayer was interviewed and hired for position of Police Chief at $790.00 per month. With 90 day probationary period


Inform Dan Woodard and Surfside Restaurant to remove signs which have been erected without a permit

Building Permit; A & W Homes

Amusement License: Dell View Hotel


Class B Beer: Sierra Inn Inc


A resolution implementing Chapter 48 Laws of 1973 and providing for an Increase in Class B Combo Licenses:

New License- Class B Combo given to Pasquale Reda, Otto Medo, Mark III, Enid Baker, K Parry Harding

Uphoff and Dells Inn must provide further information:


Advisory Hearing on the Operation of the Sea Plane

Mr. Mike Faber and Mary Faber of Dells Mount Resort

Frank Marek and Mrs. Frank Marek of Twin Oaks

Alice Moravek

Frank Neid of Anchor Bay Resort

Frank Heckendorn – Farris Boat Rentals

Sue Gunner representing her father from Dixon, IL

Henry Szadawicz

Bob Dunn of Vic’s Cottages

All spoke against the the sea plane and the helicopter from Bartletts

Otto Medo – owner of the seaplane spoke for the sea plane.


Virgina Uphoff and Dells Inn Inc both denied new Class B Combo Licenses


Building Permits:  Phil Pellitteri, Douglas Kohler, Gunvor Bjork, Ed Smithson and Freeway Lumber Co (2).

Amusement License: Helicopter Charter Inc and Tommy Bartlett Inc approved for 7/1/1974 to 6/30/1975


Building Permit: Mike Brandt, Warren Schultz, George Hoffman, Richard Blada


Amusement License, Building permit approved for Wonderful World of Animals Inc.

Motion to rescind 8-8-1973 granting of Class B Combo to Mark III Inc as this corporation did not hold the license to that particular premise as of Feb 1, 1972 and grant license to Goerge J Edler. Motion Carried.

Amusement License: Otto Medo for the Sea Plane approved for 07/01/1974-06/30/1975

Building Permit; Sandrift Resort and L.E. Hendrickson.


Building Permits: Warren Schultz, George Hoffman, Mc Farlane Building Service, Shamrock Motel


Building Permits: Earl Koerber, Allen Steele, Le Roy Fay, John Shanks, Blanche Pentell.


Transfer of license from Frances Clark Rodwell to Patricia Klapper

Building Permit: Les Bremer, Playday Motel, Thomas Madigen, Biblical Gardens and Wil-Max Builders.


Building Permit: Wm. Roller and Victor Comstock Jr.


Adams Street Bridge granted to Hedrich Construction for $69002.00


Change of Class B Combo License from, Robert Machovec to Marjorie Machovec.

Building Permit: Warner Nagel