Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #3
January 1972-December 1972


Grant Class B Beer license for fisheree on Jan 23, 1972

Building Permit: Harold La Due


Mr. Robert Clampitt was hired as Chief of Police for the Village of Lake Delton Effective 02/15/1972

Transfer on Class A License applied for by Oscar Anderson. Motion Carried.


Change of Police uniforms to Dark Brown Shirts with Light Pants and straw hats for the summer

Building Permits: James Weber, John Lenovich and Henry Roser


Building Permits: Ward Amusements, Ben Dunda, Richard Wright, Roy Howard, Williamson’s Dells View hotel and John Uphoff.

04/06/1972 Election

Barry Baker (Trustee)

Kenneth Wheeler (Trustee)

Ray Kissack (Trustee)


John Dixon instructed to start bringing the lake back up to level on Monday May 1st.

Building Permits: Ward Amusements, Brandt Sign Service, Ben Dunda, and Johnson Landholding Inc.


1972 Committees

Shanks Restaurants Inc Class B Beer license and an Amusement License for Holt Enterprises Inc until 06/30/1972

Building Permits: Bartlett’s Motel Ltd. Wisconsin Ducks Inc, Wilbert Quade.

Plumbing Permits: Clark’s Restaurant and Phillip Curalli.

Sign Permits: Wisconsin Ducks Inc, Edlers Drive Inn, Brandt Sign Service and Georgia Anderson


Building Permits Robert Sarrington, Aquaducks Inc, Earl Deppe, Allen Pentell.

Board Denied a Class A Beer License for Raymond Farrey


Building Permits: Gerald Staller, William Shorer III, Ray Kissack

Class A Combo: Oberdiek’s Inc and John S Wayne

Class A Beer: Georgia Anderson

Class B Beer: Dells Inn Inc, Virginia Uphoff, Mark III Inc, Barry Baker, Shanks Restaurants Inc, Pasquale’s, and Teda and Otto J Medo.

Class B Combo: F.I. Fischer’s Inc, Williamson’s Dell View Hotel Corp., Uphoff’s Bar Restaurant Inc, House of Embers, Del-Bar Inc, Helen Dunn, Robert Machovec and Frank Jakubow.

Attractions & Misc: Ray Kissack, Larry Roberts, Thomas Becker, Resorts Unlimited, Verl Mc Nutt, L.H. Inman, Thomas Webb, Wisconsin Duck’s Inc, Egan Enterprises Inc, Tommy Bartlett

Trailer Park, Riverview Boat Line, Dells Boat Co, Tommy Bartlett Water Show.


As an expression of good faith the application for a class A combo be granted to Robert F Young at 1000 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy South with the provision that a suitable building built within a reasonable time.

Application for a mobile food stand applied for by Peggy Ann Collins and Eugenia Goliotos be denied.

Applications for a ticket booth to be erected on Lot 10 Block 38 for one year be granted.

Class B Beer: Melvin Domres at 207 Munroe Avenue subject to review by Attorney Bannen.

Application for a live animal exhibit applied for by Mr. Ralph Primm be turned over the license committee in order that they may make inquires from the neighboring property owners as to their felling of the approval of such an exhibit.

Deny the application of Thomas W Reigard for helicopter rides from Familyland.

Amusement License: Vincent Arts (Miniature car ride, bash mobiles and balloon air ride) Sandore Development (Familyland) K & I Attractions ( Giant Slide) Soma Boat Line, Aquaducks Inc, Robert Walden, Clark’s Trailer Park, Clearwater Stables Inc, Biblical Gardens, Richard Callaway ( Super Slide) and John O’Malley ( Dells Trampoline Center.

Class B Beer: Natter-Thompson Inc., Tommy Bartlett Motels Ltd., Roman Kuzyk.

Building Permits: Elmer Smithson, Gerlad Staller B.C. Warriner, Peterson Moving Company, Mrs. Solon Pentell, Arvilla Avery.


License approved for Helicopter Charter Inc. for Helicopter Ridges from the site of Tommy Bartlett Water Show

Amusement: Otto Medo, George Hoffman(Miniature Golf Bellwood Amusements, and Red Carpet Miniature Golf Course), Melcher Enterprises, Sybrite Corp and Holt Enterprises Inc ( go Kart Track, Three Wheel Motor Bikes & Blue Star Slide), Williamson’s Dell View Hotel,

Trailer Park: Ike Schahay

Class B Beer: K Parry Harding and Mark III Inc upon payment of personal property taxes.

Class A Beer: Ike Schahay

Class A Combo be held up for legality study: Otto Medo, K. Parry Harding, and Country Market Inc.

Building Permit: Roger Baumgarth


Building Permits: Muchow-Smith Associates

Amusement: Richard Callaway, Slides Inc. (Archery Range)

Class B Beer: Bertha Oetzman gall.

Robert Fawcett employed part time on the Police Department.

Deny application for Class A Combo to Country Market Inc and Otto Medo & K Parry Harding.


Building Permit: Willis Kaufmann and Freeway Lumber Company.

Taxi Cab license: Wayne H Van Schoyck – Dells Taxi Service

Ticket Booth License: Yellow Thunder Valley Boat Tours.


Amusement: K & I Attractions on the Phil Van Dyke Estate for Electric Bumper Cars be granted.

Building Permits: Kenneth Hall, Elmer Smithson, Freeway Lumber Company (2),  and Roy Howard.


Building Permit: Ivan Accola


Building Permits: Joseph Zapuchlak – Paradise Motel, Walter Schleef


Class A Beer – Country Market Inc.

Building Permits: Earl Koeber, Wisconsin Ducks, Terrence Conners.


Building Permits: Ed Sommers


Building Permit: Clifford LaMar, Darrell Klicko


Amusement License for July 1, 1973 to June 30, 1974 : Tommy Bartlett Inc to operate a water ski show and related outdoor acts on Lake Delton in Lake Delton including an aerial helicopter act. And grant same time period license for Helicopter Charter Inc to operate helicopter ridges at Tommy Bartlett Water Show near Kissack’s Standard Station . Motion Carried.

To hired a crossing guard for the hwy #23 & 12 intersections for 2 one half hour periods per day five days per week. Applications available from Principle Percy Seamans.

Building Permits: Wally Obois, Walter Tschoeke, Warner Nagel, Kenneth Hanson, Wisconsin Dells Realty

12/15/1972 Joint Treatment Facility Agreement


Mildred Kent hired as crossing guard for $6.00 per day.

Building Permits: Freeway Lumber Co, Ray Gruman, Mason’s Motel, Richard Lee