Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #3
January 1971-December 1971


Maurice Delmore Jr was given the ok to use the old Roller Rink building as a retail wholesale lumber yard.

Pay the entire hospitalization for Harlan Stangstalien to equalize wages of Village Employees, retroactive to January 1, 1971. Motion Carried.


Building Permits: Bank of Wisconsin Dells, Henny Penny Restaurant, George Edler and Kahler’s Inn Towne.


Rosina Van Eweyk to serve on the election board for the 1971-1972 election term.

Building Permits: Robert Zapucklak

Village President Frank Fischer

Trustee George Hoffman

Trustee M. D. Newsom

Trustee John R O’Malley


Clerk to inform John Dixon to begin raising the lake to normal level during the weekend for April 17 & 18.

Kissack’s Standard to be designated to issue burning permits for the Village of Lake Delton, and will be issued by Ray Kissack and John Mackesey.

Application for 5 new trailers in lots 106-134 by Thomas Webb. Motion Carried

Class B Beer: Mark III Inc

Holiday Motel applied for the erection of a mini golf course. Motion Carried

Raze permit for Robert Zapucklak.


New Committees appointed.

President be authorized to write a letter to the Fire Department informing them that the Village Maintenance Shop in the fire station building has been vacated and the fire department is entitles to use this space for their purpose.

Transfer on Class B Beer license by Joe Reda from Lindloff is to be operated predominately as a restaurant on property located in Block 36.

Building Permits: James Weber, Lake Delton Businessmen’s Assoc. and Holiday Motel.


Building Permits: Robert Zapuchlak, Johnson Kart Mfg. Inc , and Ravina Marina.


Building Permits: D.L. Gasser, George Edler, Wis Dells Realty and Brandt Sign Service

Class B Beer: Virgina Uphoff, K. Parry Harding, Natter-Thompson Inc, Dells Inn Inc, Otto J Medo, George Edler

Class B Combo:  Parkway Inc. of Lake Delton; F.I. Fischers Inc. Uphoff’s Bar Restaurant Inc. House of embers Inc. The Del Bar Inc, Helen Dunn, Robert E Machovec, and Williamson’s Dell View Hotel Corp.

Class A Combo: Frank Jakubow, Oberdiek’s Inc and John W Wayne

Amusement: Dell View Hotel, K & I Attractions, Wonder Spot , Lost Canyon Tours, Thomas Becker, and Larry Roberts, Wisconsin Ducks Inc

Trailer Park: Les Inman and Thomas Webb

Ticket Booth: Wisconsin Ducks Inc, Dells Boat Co, Riverview Boat Line.


Building Permits: Joseph Zapuchlak and Victor Ahlstrom

Class B Beer: Tommy Bartlett’s Motels Limited, Pasquale Reda, Enid Baker

Transfer of Class A Beer License applied for by Georgia L Anderson from Lot 197 Hiawatha Subdivision to the corner of Munroe and Burritt Avenue South.

Amusement: Slides Inc, Sybarite Inc, George Hoffman, (2), Tommy Bartlett Inc, Robert Walden (2), Holt Enterprises & Storybook Gardens.

Theatre License: Sauk Outdoor Theatres Inc

Trailer Park: Tommy Bartlett Motel Limited, Johnson Landholdings Co and Ihor Schalhay

Ticket Booth: Soma Boat Lines Inc (2) and Aquaduck’s Inc.


Amusement License: Biblical Gardens, Clarence Grognet, Edward Strampe, John O’Malley and Port Boat Line

Building Permits: Mayflower II and Aquaducks Inc

Class A Beer- Georgia Anderson


Amusement License: Vincent Arts & resorts Unlimited Inc.

Building Permits: Percy Seamans


Approved trailer park extension lots 1-6 south of First Street as requested by Tom Webb


Transfer of Class B Combo license from Parkway Bar to Star Motel and Restaurant

Building Permit: Thomas Webb, Aqua Duck’s Inc, Oberdieks Inc (2), Peter Antles , Oasis Restaurants Inc., and Robert Wrzesinski.


Pine Beach allowed to move the Cabins from Evergreen Motel to Pine Beach Property.

Building Permits: James Weber, Stanley Anderson, Pine Beach Resort.


Building Permits: Evergreen Motel and Phillip Curalli, K.M. Peterson


Building Permits: Alex Chicz, Evergreen Motel, Ray Braun


Building Permits: Ward Amusements, Terry Mantor


Building Permits: Walter Tschoeke, Shanks Restaurants Inc and Ivan Accola.


Building Permits: Barry Baker


Re-location order for property owned by George Kowal known as Playday Motel


The Village Crew to clear and sand the entrance and lower parking lot at the Ravina Inn where the Loins Club will be sponsoring a skating rink for the public.  This Village is to erect a sign below the Ravina Inn sign at the Corner of Adams Street and Hwy 12 “Free Public Ice Skating”. Motion Carried.

Building Permits: John Luszczak, Erhardt Schultz, Casimir La Bak


Grant Permission to Jaycees for fisheree to be held on Jan 23