Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #3

January 1970-December 1970


Beer License granted to Dells Jaycees for the fisheree 1/18/1970 and dog sled races 1/25/1970


Building Permits: House of Embers


Building Permits: Standard Oil Company, Don Winchel


Discussion of plans to lower Lake Delton a maximum of one foot effective weekend of March 21st, 1970.

Building Permits: Tommy Bartlett Inc


Class B Beer – Howards Motel Inc

Building Permits: Robert Zamzow, Tony Parr

Public Hearing and vote on 2% Housing Tax for Motels. (5 / 3)

April 1970 election: Trustees  Kenneth Wheeler, William Beard, Ray Kissack


Attorney Bannen write a letter to Interstate Commerce objecting to removal of two Milwaukee Road Trains and to appear at the hearing with any members of the Village Board who may be able to attend.

Building Permits: Bank of Wisconsin Dells, Joseph Reda, Rolf Smerling, Roland Baryenbruch, Frank Fischer, K Parry Harding.


Building Permits: Oliver B Tufts, Sandore Inc, Douglas Kohler, George Hoffman, Faye Roudebush, William R Dunn, Kahler’s Inn Towne.


Room Tax Ordinance 2% (75% Chamber 25% General Fund)

Harlen Stangstalien hired effective 5/01/1970 with 6 month probation.


Amusement License to Aquaducks Inc and Slideland Inc expires 06/30/1970

Class B Beer – Virgina Uphoff, expires 06/30/1970

Amusement License: Williamson-s Dell View Hotel, Lost Canyon Enterprises Inc, Clarence J Grognet, Tommy Bartlett Inc, Dells Boat Co. Inc, Riverview Boat Line, Wisconsin Ducks Inc, The Wonder Spot, Biblical Gardens, Larry Roberts, Willard Clark, Sybarite Corp, Thomas Webb and Ihor Schahay.

Class B Beer -Otto Medo, Dells Inn Inc. Pasquale Reda, K. Parry Harding and Natter-Thompson Inc.

Class B Combo-parkway Inc of Lake Delton, F.I. Fischer’s Inc. Williamson’s Dell View Hotel Corp., Uphoff’s Bar Restaurant Inc. Robert E Machovec, house of Embers Inc, Del-Bar Inc, William R Dunn

Class A Combo- John S Wayne, Oberdiek’s Inc

Class B Beer – Georgia Anderson

Building Permits: Lula Miler Dietzel, Ernest Chuchlay, O.A. Lindloff and Aquaducks.

An ordinance relating to the drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and squealing of tires.


Official census for 1970 is 1017

Building permits: Douglas Kohler, Kickapoo Oil Company, Aquaducks Inc, Wisconsin Ducks, John O’Malley and Soma Boat Lines

Allow a driveway to Soma Boat Line on property leased from Joseph Zapuchlak, and to close that driveway in from of Parr’s Restaurant and move it to the East for property leased by John O’Malley.

Allow Super Slide to connect to sanitary sewer in September with restrooms

Dedication of the road from Lake Delton Development Co., know as the Wonder Spot road.

Amusement License for Vincent Arts, Madison providing receive a statement from Willard Clark that there are rest room facilities available and that they will be kept open during hours of operation and no excessive noise.

Amusement License to Thunderbird Motel

Amusement License to Super Slide, Clearwater Stables Inc and John O’Malley

Class B Beer – Virgina Uphoff, expires 06/30/1971


Amusements such as slides, go karts, miniature trains, miniature gold courses ect., not be allowed to operate after 11:00 PM with the exception of Saturday Nite at which time they must cease operation at 11:30 PM. Motion Carried.


Amusement License: Holt Enterprises Inc, Thomas Becker, Sauk Outdoor Theatre Inc., Slideland Inc, K & I Attractions, Tiki Motel, George Hofmann (2) Aquaduck’s Inc Capt Som’s Boat Line Inc and Storybook Gardens.

Ticket Booth License: Wisconsin Duck’s Inc,

Trailer Park License: Howard’s Motel Inc and Les Inman

Taxi-cab License: Joe Nelson

Building Permits: Chamber of Commerce, Wisconsin Duck’s Inc, Gordon Pikel and House of Embers.

Class B Beer: Tommy Bartlett Motel, Limited

Approve the application for a space walk applied for by Robert Walden.

Rescind motion of the June 10 meeting regarding closing hours for Amusements to operate till 12:00 PM with the exception of Saturday Night at which time they must cease operation at 12:30 PM. Motion Carried.

Building Permits:  Vincent Arts, Oliver B Tufts, Albert Sandore, Robert Walden, Percy Seamans, and Frank Fischer.

Allow Soma Boat line to move ticket booth built on Aqua Duck Property to property leased form Paradise Motel.


Change Hillcrest Drive to Hines Terrace

Approve a water ski school license for Les Bremer for a fee of $50 and proof of liability.

Notify Camp Chi them must have license for their school.

Motion to allow Port Boat line to sell Soma Boat Line and Aquaduck Tickets at ticket booth located on Parr Property,


Building Permits: Atlantic Richfield Co, John & Enid Baker, and Kissack Standard.

Class B Beer: Enid Baker

The Clerk is to write Ralph Sarrington asking him to contact Warden Jameson to rid the mill of pigeons.  A request to shoot pigeons was denied by the board as they felt it to be to dangerous in that area.


Building Permits:  John Brereton, Brandt Sign Service, Kenneth Hansen, Al Thermes.


1971 Squad car from Greenwood Motors for $1352.95 plus 5% price increase.

Building Permits: Frank Jakubow, Mick Tarabyn, Les Bremer


Building Permits: Bob Henthorn and Notley Butler


Dance Hall Permit to John Thompson for six months

Building Permits: Allen Steele and Evergreen Motel


Building Permits: Robert Zapucklak with 20′ set back from Lake Avenue and 28′ set back from Hwy 12


Frank Kaminski, Mel Koehler and Ivan Iccola representing the Businessmen’s Assoc. in requesting support and financial help in the erections of tow welcome signs as your enter the Village on Hwy 12 and 23

Mr Knutson, architect for the Bank of Wis Dells with proposed new bank building across from the Post Office.

Jaycees fisheree to be held 01/24/1971 with a beer license.

Building Permits:  Ralph Sarrington and Dan Woodard

Ralph Sarrington for Saturday at the sanitary land fill at $2.00 per hour