Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #3

January 1969-December 1969


Approved application for fermented malt beverage for the Dells Jacyees Fisheree to be held 01/19/1969


Building Pemits: Joseph Zapuchlak, Garland Whipp, K. Parry Harding.


Dell View Hotel given permission to park cards on both sides of Adams Street on April 6 for the Easter Egg hunt.

April 3, 1969 Election:


Village President –¬†Frank Fischer

Trustee- George Hoffman

Trustee-William Weiten

Trustee- John R O’Malley


Warren Schultz to be allowed to transfer the location of his go cart track and transfer his operating permit.

Building Permit by Claridge and Rich, John Uphoff, George Hoffman, Warren Schultz.


Recind the motion of the last meeting 04/09/1969 granting permission to Cinderella Distributors from Darlington to initiate a dog show, pet shop and puppy exhibit in the Curtis Farr building. Motion Carried


Discussion of Application of Cinderella Distributors from Darlington, Wisconsin: about 30 people present.

All expressing views against the issuing a license for a dog show, pet shop and puppy exhibit in the Curtis Farr building.

Cinderella Distributors presented the plans and intentions of the corporation with more discussion following.

Accept verbal with drawl of Application of Cinderella Distributors from Darlington to initiate a dog show, pet shop and puppy exhibit in the Curtis Farr building. Motion Carried

Building Permits: Bernard Brousil and Frank Jakubow


Building Permit: Williamson’s Dell View Motel, Clarence Kissack, Dawnene Blackslee, Ruzzell Hinze


Approve application by L J Leonard to operate a Coot Ridge on his own private party. Motion Carried.

Building Permits: Bartlett’s Motel, Katherine Phelps.

Class A Beer License: Georgia L Anderson and John S Wayne.

Class B Beer: James Paul, Pasquale Reda, Lawrence J Leonhard, Dells inn Inc, Natter-Thompson Inc.

Class B Liquor: Robert E Machovec, William R Dunn, Del-Bar Inc., house of Embers Inc, Uphoff’s Bar

Restaurant, Williamson’s Dell View Hotel Corporation, F.I .Fischer’s Inc, Parkway Inc. of Lake Delton


Paint cross walk between Pasquale’s and the Reef on hwy 12.

Application by Les Inman approved to put mobile home park on Van Dyke property. Building and Plumbing permit for same approved also.


Amusement and attraction and Trailer park license by K & I Attractions Inc, Harry Melcher Enterprises, Capt. Soma’s Boat Line Inc, Egan Enterprises Inc., John O’Malley Inc, Slides Inc, Grognet Flying Service, Howard’s Motel Inc, Robert Walden, Williamson’s Dell View Hotel Corp. (4), Dells Boat Co. Inc, Riverview Boat Line (2), Wisconsin Duck’s Inc, L J Leonhard, Ike Schahay, Kenneth Wheeler, George Hoffman (2), verl Mc Nutt, Thomas Becker, Larry Roberts, M. G. N. Enterprises Inc, Hold Enterprises Inc, and Sybarite Corp. Motion Carried.

Class B Beer; K Parry Harding.


Building Permit George Kuzyk


Transfer of Class B Beer license of James Paul to Otto Medo who has purchased Lake Delton Marina.

Building Permits: Millard Wallen and O.A. Lindloff.

Fireworks at Bartlett’s Water Show to Cease. Motion Carried.


Building Permits: Jack Uphoff and Ralph Sarrington

Pine Grove Motel must hook to sanitary sewer before opening next spring.


Building Permits: Shank’s Restaurants Inc, Vole Skibicky, Don Decker.


Building Permits: Don Decker, Wisconsin Ducks, James Olson and Phil Pellitteri.


Building Permits: Charles Brandt, Katherin Malisch Pheleps


Building Permits: Williamson’s Dell View Hotel

Second Class A Liquor to John Wayne – Dells Cheese House