Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #2

January 1968-October 1968


Annexation split on south annexations ( list of property owners annexed)


Building Permit: Petro Hucal, Dells Concrete, Wilbert Pikel, John Drohomrecky, Ihor Schayhay, Nick Petrasz, Kahler Inn Towne.


Building Permit: John McBoyle, Stephan Shypaylo, Bank of Wisconsin Dells, John Peterson,


Alex Chicz from Pine View Motel was present and asked that the slide that is proposed next to his property not be allowed due to the fact that the noise and bright lights would cause people to leave his motel

Mrs. Taraban from Shamrock motel was present and state that she felt to same as Mr. Chicz. That the noise and bright lights would be to disturbing to here motel customers

Building Permits: James Weber, Oberdieks Inc, Carroll Gill, Stephan Shypaylo, John Peterson, Percy Seamans

Approved application for erection of giant and super slides as applied for by Gene Casey, K & I Enterprises and Richard Callaway.

Approve applications for amusement license for the Delton Outdoor for the years 1967 and 1968.

Approved trailer court license applied for by Warren Schultz.

Class B Combo: Robert Machovec, Williamson’s Dells View, Joseph Cramer, William R Dunn, Uphoff’s Bar-Restaurant, Del-Bar Inc, House of Embers, F.I. Fischer’s Inc.

Class A Combo: Oberdiek’s Inc

Class A: Dells Cheese Co and Oscar Anderson

Class B: Harold M Vogt, Dells Inn Inc, James Paul, Willard Clark


To allow Nattier-Thompson to transfer malt beverage license from the Village Inn to Mr Pancake for the balance of June.

Building Permit: John Peterson

Class B: Matter-Thompson Inc and Pasquale Reda

Cigarette: Edward Anne, Oscar Anderson, Henry Penny and Alpine Golf City.

Amusement: K&I Attractions, Richard Callaway, Clarence Grognet, Alpine Golf City, Ray Kissack

Deny Class B Comb to O.A. Lindloff


Cancel approval on Class B Combo license of Joseph Cramer and approve the license to Parkway Inc of Lake Delton Karl Gneiser, Agent as relinquished by Joseph Cramer.

Deny Class A to Harold Vogt.

Building Permits: John Zapuchlak and Genevieve Witcraft.


John McBoyle application to park a trailer on the airport property approved.

Moved by Trustee Newsom, Seconded by trustee Hendrickson Mr Roger Turnmire be given permission to survey the Village for the purpose of cable T.V. Discussion followed motion was rescinded.

Building Permit: Sol Schnoll


Building Permit: Warren Schultz, Wm Bendler, Richard Callway, and Robert Fausett


Transfer Class A Beer from Dells Cheese Company to John Wayne.


Transfer of Class B Combo from Delton Lots 7 & 8 Block 38 to Lot 1-8 Block 15 Kingsley Subdivision.

Building Permits Parkway Inc of Lake Delton, William Beard, John O’Malley and Bartlett’s Motel.

Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #3

October 1968-December 1968

October 12-1968

Building Permits: BK Jordan, Frank Fitzgerald, Clark Winn, Frank Jakubow, Harland Wickus, Harold Fullmer, and John Drohomrecky.


Building Pemits: Frank Kaminski, Petro Hucal, Harold Fullmer, Vole Skibicky, Ethel Lindloff, Mykola Taraban, Charles Brandt, Ray Olson.


Approved all building permit sand plumbing applications with the exception of Flaming Motel.

Building permits: Allen Steele, Joe Zapuchlak.


Clarence Le Page informed the board that by next season the slides must either have sanitary sewer or install septic tanks as chemical toilets are not allowed by the state.

Building permits approved for Flamingo Motel, Biblical Gardens, Daniel Woodard.