Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #2

January 1967-December 1967


Building Permits Warren Schultz, Uphoff’s Club Rotunda


To sell a plot of land 200’x250′ (200′ on Shady Lane) including improvements from the farm purchased for the village Sanitary Land Fill to Jack Abbs for the sum of $3500.00

Ralph Sarrington, Mr & Mrs Ward and Mrs Chapin were present to inquire as to what can be and is being done to clear up their water which is polluted with raw gasoline.

President Fischer appointed Constable John Mackesey to the office of Village Marshall.

Building Permits: Kirk Whanger and Verl Mc Nutt.


Sea Planes rides be licensed at $75 per season.

Building Permit: Nels Bjork


Moved by Trustee Kissack, Second by Trustee Newsom the Village Board is in agreement is the responsibility of the Village for controlling traffic upon entering or leaving an attraction with in the Village Limit causing a traffic congestion. Motion Carried

Ray Kissack and Byron Hacker to act as wardens in charge of eliminating our stray dog problem the Village limits.

The clerk was instructed to bill Oscar Anderson $14.00 per year for sewer service charges for bait shop.

Cigarette License: Frank Fischer, Dells Cheese Company, Helen Oberdiek, W. R. Dunn, Del-Bar Inc, house of Embers, Delton Inn Towne Motel Inc., Williamson’s Dell View Hotel Corp. Joseph Cramer, Larry Roberts, R.E. Machovec, Willard Clerk, Pasquale Reda, Harold Vogt, and James Paul.

Amusement License: Willard Clark, Dells Boat Co Inc, The Wonder Spot, Riverview Boat Line, Inman Constructions Corp.,Red’s Trailer Park, City Yellow Cab.

Class A: Oscar Anderson, Dells Cheese Company

Class B: Dells Inn Ins. Willard E Clark, Pasquale Reda, Oasis Restaurant Inc, Harold M Vogt, and James Paul

Class B Combo: F.I. Fischer’s Inc, William R Dunn, The Del-Bar, House of Embers Inc, Uphoff’s Bar Restaurant Inc, Williamson’s Dells View Hotel Corp., Joseph J Cramer, Robert Machovec.

Class A Combo: Oberdiek’s Inc

Licenses applied for by Harold Vogt, Lake View Tavern and Cottages and Country Market Inc be denied


Amusement license for Storybook Gardens, John O’Malley & Clarence Grognet.


Attraction Permits: George Hoffman, Duck Trails Inc, and Riverview Boat Lines

Moved by Trustee Hendrickson, Seconded by Trustee Kissack  Almon Stacie and Bruce Schaeffer to given orders to comply with Village Ordinance to eliminate outdoor privies. Motion Carried.

Attorney Bannon was instructed to draw a junkyard ordinance and to notify Almon Stacie and Bruce Schaeffer to remove their outdoor privies.


Building Permit: Henry Szadziewicz


Inform R.O. Ebert that a license will not be issued to operate for the 1968 season until sanitary facilities are installed at lost canyon comparable to those a for dells.


Building Permits: Janet Winn, Frank Fischer, Charles Brandt, Pine Grove Motel-Peter Hucal, and Crant Heinzelman.


Building Permits:  Gift mark, Frank Marek, Alex Chicz-Pine View Motel, Steve Lehenkyi, Ted Jackiw, Martha Walter & Gunvor Bjork and Homer Osterman.


Building Permits: Ted Jackiw-Pine Dell Motel, Paradise Motel, Leon Crisp, and Luna Motel.


Building Permits: John Drohomyrcky and Pete Hucal


Moved by trustee Newsom, Second by Trustee Kissack Wisconsin Power & Light Company be given written permission to connect and disconnect the Cross as Gasser’s hill on Christmas and Easter. Christmas Dec 10-31 and Easter for the 7 days prior and including Easter Sunday


The minutes of the Dec 13 meeting were read and correct to read that the cross on gasser’s Hill is be lit for seven days prior to and including Easter Sunday.