Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #2

January 1966-December 1966


Building permit applied for by CJ Cunningham and Jack Scott


Building Permits: Bob’s Bar and Tommy Bartlett Inc.


Building Permits: Charles Brandt and Thomas Petranek


Building Permits: Wonder Shot and Wlademar Kneisler


Building Permits: Oberdieks Inc and Oscar Anderson


Annexations Ordinance #3-66-71 (George Hoffman) and #3-66-72 (Ivan Accola)


Building Permits: Gordon Foster & Bob Henthorn


Letter of nuisance signed by Margarite Jagger, Joseph & Vera Kaminski was read. Trustee Kelly expressed his opinion that a letter is not sufficient, personal appearance must be made in regards to this matter.

Moved by Trustee Kelly, Second by Trustee Kissack that the above mentioned letter of nuisance regarding the Dam Site Cave Tavern will be brought up for discussion at the June 8 Meeting and all interested parties are to be notified by the clerk, J & J tall Timer Retreat Owners, Mr Page, The Kaminski’s and Charles Edmunds. Motion Carried.


Mr Thomas Murray & Mrs Frank Marek had damage done by dynamiting by Allen Steele. Attorney Bannon asked to contact Village insurance co and Allen Steele Co.

Class B Combo-Joseph Cramer, Robert E Machovec, Frank Fischer, Uphoff’s Club Rotunda, House of Embers, The Del-Bar Inc

Class C Combo-Oberdiek’s Inc

Class B- Dells Inn Inc

Class A- Dells Cheese Co, Kenneth Sundseth, and Glen Thostenson partners.


A petition signed by residents of J 7 J Timber Retreat was presented to the board in regards  to issuing of a Class B Fermented Malt Beverage License to the Dam Site Cave.

Moved by Trustee Kelly, Second by Trustee Fischer to deny a Class B Fermented Malt Beverage License to the Dam Site Cave Tavern.  All voted yes.

A letter and application for a Class B Fermented Malt Beverage License of Donald Zinke was presented to the Board.

Moved by Trustee Newsom, Second by Trustee Kelly to deny a Class B Fermented Malt Beverage License to Donald Zinke.  All voted yes.

Moved by Trustee Newsom, Seconded by Trustee Fischer to grant a Class B Combination Licenses and cigarette licenses to W. R. Dunn and Williamson Dells View Hotel Corporation. All Voted yes.

Building Permits: Riverview Boat Line,


Mr Crowley and Mr Page were present, Mr Crowley asked a license to be granted for the month of July to Mr. Page and it would be surrendered August 1 providing the Village State in their minutes a beer license would never again be granted to this location.  Asked a gate be put across the road with a sign as to when road is open for traffic and the gate be locked by local police

Building Permit: Wilbert Quade, Williamson’s Dell View Hotel Corp and James Weber.


Building Permits: Stephan Shypaylo, Lowell Etheridge, C.A. Le Page


Jean Pearson, Bee White and Belle Wheeler were present in behalf of the Lake Delton Women’s Club to discuss their problems of the library with the board.  Vee White turned in here keys to the library.  Because of illness in the family she is not able to continue as librarian.  The clerk was instructed to write Mr Zipsie at Baraboo, asking his assistance in finding a librarian.  The women present stated they would be willing to help anyone in any way they could who would take over as librarian.

Building Permit: Lester Small

Amusement License: George Hoffmans and John Weber.


Building permits: Millard Steyer and Dick Hadjuk

Sellers Permit: Mark Ahlstrom


Hire a librarian at $300.00 per year.

Building Permits: Wilbert Quade, Shamrock Motel, Gordon foster, Donald Winchel, Dell View Hotel, Lake Side Cottages.


The Clerk was directed to write a letter of protest to the school board protesting the elimination of transportation for the elementary school children in Lake Delton.

Building Permit: John Mackesey, Ray Olson, Ihor Schayhay, Williamson’s Dell View Hotel, Thomas Egan, grant Heinzelman.

Village Board extended their best wishes to Mr & Mrs. Emmett Reynolds in observance of their 50Th wedding anniversary.


Building Permit for Frank Fitzgerald