Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #2

January 1965-December 1965


The Village Board agreed to allow the use of the big fire truck for water fight between the Delton Fire Dept and the Dells Fire Dept.

Class B license and Cigarette for Eleanore Miller

Building permits with John Zapuchlak, Alex Chic, Raymond Braun.


Building Permits for Warn Enterprises Inc, M. Dudley Newsom, Clarence Parrish, Lyle Ebsen.


Class B Combo – Joseph Cramer, Robert E Machovec, Francis I Fischer, Dell View Hotel Properties Inc, Uphoff’s Club Rotunda Inc, House of Embers Inc, The Del Bar Inc,

Class A Combo- Irene Wheeler and Oberdieck’s Inc.

Class A – Dells Cheese Company

Class B – Eleanore Miller, Larry Roberts

Building Permit: Warren Clousic


List of name submitted to act on the library board: Gladys Ciufo, Katherine Clakr, Helen Witcraft, LaVerne Klicko, Emma Bazzil, Donna Braun, and Vee White were accepted by the board.

Mrs Yeasel was present and discussed mosquito foggers which would be suitable for Village use.

Ed Krenz was in and asked if the board would consider investigating the possibility of obtaining a liquor license for a civic convention hall for the area.

Class B license for Bunnell Page refer the application to the license committee

Building permits: Leon Crisp, frank Hacker, and Robert Machovec


Building permits: David L Gasser, James Weber, William Weiten, Lawrence Christman, J.M Shinker and the Village of Lake Delton.

Class B license for Bunnell Page for the Cave denied


Approved application for Class B and Cigarette license applied for by Bunnell Page.

Rescinded Larry Roberts’s individual license and reissue to Dells Inn Inc.

Building Permits: Antoin Parfiewicz


Amusement License approved for J.M. Shinker and sellers permit for Vivian Steiner

Building Permits Elmer Smithson, William J Kelly, Ray Kissack, Fritz Koenig, Mike Sarabyn, Thomas Claridge.


Attorney Bannen to write Tommy Bartlett Inc, instructing him the Village of Lake Delton feels he should hire and off duty policeman or special deputy other than his own employees to assist Lake Delton Policemen in directing water show traffic, also the person hired be familiar with handling traffic.  It is also the feeling of the Village Board this should be done at once.

Building Permits: Byron Hacker, James McMahon Ed Smithback.

The building inspector is to put a stop work order on Stephen Shypaylo and see that no further construction is done.  Red Tag put on Stephen Shypaylo August 26, 1965 at 10 am.

Building Permits: Lyle Ebsen, Antoi Parifwicz, and Stephen Shypaylo.


James Karch was present and discussed the improving of Bell Airport.  The Village cost of this project to be approx. $7500.00.

Building Permits Ted Jackiw, Nick Jackiw, Luna Motel (2) Grant Heinzleman, Donald Winchel, Newell Stannard and James Weber.

Sewer Service charges

Weber’s Drive- In to $60.00 per year and Frank Marek’s Restaurant to $60.00 per year.


Biblical Gardens, Kenneth Wheeler, Albert Thermes, Katherine Malisch, Shamrock Motel and Oliver Tufts


  1. Dudley Nesom was appointed to serve with the Wisconsin Dells Regional Chamber of Commerce.


Building permits:Frank Thompson, Frank Fischer, William Weiten.