Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #2

January 1964-December 1964


Lake Delton Women’s Club was designated as the responsible party to operate and maintain the Village portion of the Marshall Memorial Library.  The Village Clerk was instructed to contact the librarian and inform him of the same.

Permission was granted for a parade route thought the Village of Lake Delton for the Loin’s Club Convention.


Mr Shypaylo was in and asked for permission to build additions onto a coach he moved in behind Uphoff’s cannot build onto the coach presently on the premises, also that he may be allowed to live in the coach for a period of six (6) months providing it has sewer and water connected to it. Motion Carried.

Bunnell Page issued a Class B License for the Cave.


Amusement licenses for Wonder Spot Inc, Biblical Gardens Inc, and Capt Soma Boat Lines.


A letter to John  McBoyle informing him Village and Town are voiding the airport contract and would like to negotiate for a new one.


Chuck Thompson was in and requested that the pancake house be connected to sanitary sewer for the 1965 season.