Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #2

January 1963-December 1963


Fred Heckendorn appointed as plumbing, building inspector and health officer.

Approve placement of a second telephone booth in the Village parking lot.


Duane Counsell was present describing the Indian festival which will be held June 14, 15, 16 and asked for permission for them to dance until 3:00 am on June 15.  The board agreed that in no way would they try to prevent this celebration.

Building Permit approved for Sterling Pancake House


Thomas Accola hired as Village Police Officer @ $75.00 per week.


New Committees were appointed

Mr. Harold Lautz from the State board of Health was present. He suggested that before the Village & Town drilled a new well they should investigate to cost of a well large enough for municipal water supply.  He also stated that Paul Bunyan is having sewer difficulties and he suggests that the Village Board encourage a sanitary sewer district in that area, along with the area around Lake Delton.

Robert Breson hired on part time police duty @ 1.55 hour.

Page 110     06/12/1963

Kenneth Wheeler relinquishing his license to Robert E Machovec.

Page 111     06/26/1963

Bunnell Page – Class B retailers

Page 126     11/22/1963

A building permit for a 20 unit motel of Uphoff’s Club Rotunda allowed including the permit for an overpass over highway 12.
(2009 known as Copa Cabana)