Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #1

January 1960-May 1960


That we comply with Ed Rice’s request to have all water skiers launch their boats and ski from the Willow, and that all water skiers be barred from the sea plane base. Carried.


Name changes for roads


Red Wheeler appeared to discuss his trailer camp project.  Permit issued for 10 trailers plus utility house. (Red’s Trailer Park)

W H Oberdick Class A Liquor License – turned over to license committee

Ordinance 8-57-23 prohibits issuance of Class A license.

Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #2

June 1960-December 1960


Donald Stabnow, Commander of the VFW appeared to advise the board that there is a bid in for the 1962 Convention (state) to be held in Lake Delton and ask for a letter of welcome from the village president to present to the convention on June 23.

Resolution No#6-60-47 was introduced “A resolution welcoming the VETERNS of Foreign war 1962 Convention to the Village of Lake Delton.”

Gene Chase Distributing Co for wholesale beer license approved.


Walter Oberdiek and Irene Wheeler granted Class A License.

Police Chief Kohl be allowed to by a shot gun for $5.00 to be made into a sawed off gun.


Mrs William Miller and Mr and Mrs L. H. Alberson appeared.

Mrs. Miller presented a portrait of William F Miller who was the first President of the Village of Lake Delton and who held office from September 1954 until his death on December 16, 1958. The Portrait which is an excellent one is hung on the north wall of the Village Clerk’s office in Marshall Memorial Hall.