Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #1

January 1958-December 1958


Mr. Fenske of the Wisconsin Dells School system was present at the invitation of the board to explain to us the advantages and disadvantages of consolidation of elementary school districts into a common school district, this district to coincide with the union free high school district.


There was a discussion of the death on Leonard Harrison, whose body was found handing in Congress Hall Canyon Saturday.  He was the man appointed to procure easements for the sewer.


John Schwark was present to discuss bill for dog pound duties.  Poor records and none of the dogs brought in by Village – gave him $25.00


Otto Powell was present to ask if anything can be done about the boats speeding up and down the narrow part of the lake and under the two bridges and if the lake could be posted from the Sarrington Dam to the Timme Dam for a slower speed.  Copy of City of Baraboo ordinance passed for Devil’s Lake which the board could pattern from.

Mike Chalek was present and asked about the handling of the library.  It was explained to him that the Town of Delton had jurisdiction and the town clerk was nominally librarian.

Greyhound bus using the block in front of the hall for bus stop was discussed and the matter of relocating the bus stop will be taken up by Fischer and Peters.

Discussion on McBoyle Airport.


First lake spraying discussed


Joe Kaiser Jr. to move his icehouse from leased land to his land located in Dells manor Unit 1 and to build a new foundation.  Motion Approved.

Spraying to be done June 18 and July 23, 1953


Wonder Spot, Capt. Soma’s Bat Lines Inc and Tommy Bartlett Inc submitted applications for amusement license.


Fire Department requested special beer license for annual Fireman’s Dance to be held on a Saturday night in September at the Scotch Pine Roller Rink.

R.O. Ebert for license to operate Lost Canyon for the 1958 season


Tom & Mary Claridge were present to protect the ordinance banning livestock and poultry from the Village.  Mr. Traficante of the Holiday Motel has complained that their rooster crowing was keeping guest awake. The matter will be looked into.


Meeting to discuss making McBoyle Airport a municipal airport for the town and village

County will give $1000.00 per municipality for the airport.


President Miller very sick and acting President Garland Whipp took over.


President Miller died on 12/16/1958