Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #1

January 1957-December 1957


Election Board proposed names:  June May, Hazel Adams, Norma Sauger, Ruth Foster, Donna Braun, Marian Thomas, Eileen Olson, Althea Johnson, Velorez White, Laura Mae Scott, Sally Wheeler


Mirror Lake Bridge – the committee met a week ago last Monday with the town board . March 1st the State Highway Commission will have an engineer here tomorrow to inspect the bridge, test the iron damage by the fire and give estimate of repair or if repair is possible.


The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the situation relative to the bridge over Dell Creek at the foot of Mirror Lake, which was damaged by fire during the burning of Timme Brothers Mill on February 14th.


Combining of the offices of Village Clerk and Village Treasurer


Frank Volkey was present the request of the board to talk about a dog pound and to be paid a rate of $1.00 per day for keeping the dog.

April 9, 1957

New committee set up and new board members: William Miller, Herman Peters, Frank Fischer, Garland Whipp, Russell Hayes, Ben Brousil, Fred Person.


Thomas Tiffany issued license to operate saddle horse.

Mrs. Celia Hill and Marquerite Jagger were present on behalf of the Women’s Club to ask the board to have a Public telephone booth installed on the premises of the town and village hall for use by the public.


Dell Creek Bridge Project with the bid by from Mr. Gasser of Sarrington Milling Company Road Division was accepted.


25 MPH speed limit though out the village: however if the state of Wisconsin feels that this is too low the village favors a maximum of 30 MPH.

George Hoffman issued a license to operate Baseball batting range.


Fire Department would like to buy a new fire truck.  Town gave $1000.00 per year for six years towards the purchase.  The Village did the same.


The clerk was instructed to call Mr. Fenske of the Wisconsin Dells School and ask him to meet with the Village board December 11 to discuss integration; she will also invite Emmet Reynold of the Lake Delton School Board to be present.

Permit approved for driveway between Red’s Tavern and McFarland’s hardware store.