Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #1

January 1956-December 1956

Eugene Kohl, village police officer given title of Chief of Police as of Dec. 1 1955.


Quotes to purchase a police car filed with the clerk.

  • 1956 Ford $1790;
  • 1956 Nash $2275;
  • 1956 Plymouth $1707;
  • 1955 Plymouth with 6500 miles and with new car guarantees $1588;
  • Special Price Chevrolet 1956 $1839

Durkee Street between Blocks 20-21 in the Village of Lake Delton be quit claimed to Chester and Jennie Sarrington.


Milk Dealers license from Borden’s, Gen City Dairy, Kilbourn Co-operative creamery, Martiny Dairy.


Peters Oil Company: Gasoline at 23.9 cents per gallon including the state tax for Village use.

Billy Bell has been has been taken to the hospital on his daughter’s orders


Mr. Norman Olson was present to explain about the seal deal, for which he had applied for a license.  He answered questions put to him by the board.  The plan is to have five seals – 2 harbor and 3 sea lions on exhibit in tanks and small alligators and pelicans in cages in the building.  The Traficante brothers, who own the Holiday Motel next door to the building in which it is proposed to hold this exhibit, were present and objected to the seals.  No action was taken.


Hans Helland appeared for Norman Olson presented a bond for $250 if  later the Village Board declares his exhibit a nuisance.  License granted.

Frank Hudzinski appeared for position of Village Maintenance man Hired at $2500.00 per year.


Application for the Dell View Hotel to have Robert Vincent Kivlin appoint special police was discussed.  Chief of Police Kohl was instructed to deputize R.V. Kivlin special police for hotel grounds only at a salary of $1.00 per year to be paid by the Village.

Quotations on trucks read:

Dells Motors                   $2250 for one ton ford, 6 tires

$2240 for 1 1/2 ton ford, 6 tires

Berkley Chevrolet            $2399 for one ton Chev,  7 tires

$2499.37 for 1 1/2 ton Chev, 7 tires

Geenwood Motor Sales $1840 for one ton Chev w/o box

$1940 for 1 1/2 ton Chev w/o box

Berning Motors               $2323  1 ton dodge, 7 tires

Dells motors for ford 1 ton at $2250 plus extra tire.


Tommy Bartlett Inc to operate water ski show. License approved.


Thomas Tiffany’s application for riding stables approved.

Quotes of Police Car

P& B Motors – Plymouth $1925 less tax and will change over siren and light free

Dells Motors- Ford $1675 will furnish conversion to 6 volt

Berkley Chevrolet – Chev $1726.96 will not convert to 6 volt system

Instructed to contact P & B motors if they will convert to 6 volts, buy the Plymouth. Otherwise the Ford from Dells Motors.


Board of Review


Hiring of Frank Bender on 30 day trial basis at $55.00 per week as village maintenance man.

Purchase Ford truck from Dells Motors.


Bids on first Village Snow Plow and Sanders.

Russell Haynes to succeed Duaine Counsell who resigned.


Melvin Flath made a complaint against Kohl.  Kohl complained on Melvin Flath driving his train on road.


Before further business could be taken up the meeting was interrupted by the fire whistle, and with in w few minute the place was cleared of men.  The two women were left to hold the fort and to watch ambulances and police cars screaming past bound north on 12. Eventually it was learned that there had been a serious accident and Howard’s Resort so the meeting was informally adjourned.