Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #1

January 1955-December 1955

1/12/1955 – Ember Adams named acting President during Mr. Miller’s absence.

1/26/1955 – Regular Village Board

Authorized the Safety Committee and Constable Harding to go to Portage and inspect the two way radio which their police department offered for sale

03/23/1955 – Issued $500.00 license for the season for an auction to be held in the Bowl Inn building to Mr. Breitenbach

New Board member Mr. Brousil.


Ken Harding said that Bob Kohl had been hired as a deputy during the marking of busy streets for parking.  That the police commissioner be empowered to hire extra officers when he sees fit at $1.25 per hour.

Application for liquor and malt beverage license by:

Naureen Schilling at (11 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy South)

Kenneth Wheeler at (19 W Munroe Ave)

Raymond Grieves at (935 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy)

Francis I Fischer at (441 Wis Dells Pkwy S)

Uphoff’s Club Rotunda at (611 Wis Dells Pkwy)

Del-Bar Inc at (800 Wis Dells Pkwy)

05/11/1955 Motion made and carried: That No Bottle Goofs Stores be permitted in the Village of Lake Delton.

Watkins Company was approved a license for a fee of $2.00 with the understanding that an application be filled out before such license be issued.

Contract for a garbage disposal presented by Charles Volkey, asking for $4000 for construction of new hole and $1000 for maintenance, with half the money when the new hole is dug and the half  six months later.

The following petition was read to the board:

To: The Village Board of the Village of Lake Delton, Sauk County, Wisconsin:

The undersigned residents of the Village of Lake Delton feel that Ordinance 1-55-4 is unreasonable in the amount of the fee which it requires under Section 3 from Captain Ingebert Soma and we respectfully petition you to reduce the license fee under said Section 3 from $300 to $25 or to add the following provisions to Section 3, -This section 3 shall not apply to any person or corporation operating a booth, office or roadside stand used for aforementioned purposes where the person or corporation selling or causing said tickets to be sold on the premises is the actual owner of the premises. Dated May 2, 1955. 140 Signatures.

Motion made and carried: that the fee for selling of tickets for one event shall be $75.00.

05/11/1955 – Motion made and carried for applications for liquor and malt license from the Dell View Hotel and for wholesale beer license by Chase Distributing Company

06/08/1955 – The clerk was instructed to include in application for license for Riding Academies or Saddle Horses the following:

The following conditions are to be complied with before a license will be granted:

  1. A statement of proof form insurance company that horses are covered by Personal Liability and Property damage policy must be filed with the Village Clerk.
  2. Sanitary conditions are to be maintained, subject to inspection by the Health Officer.
  3. No horses are to be tethered closer than two hundred (200) feet to U.S. Highway 12.

06/22/1955 – Park is finished – name of park Lake Delton Village Park

Residents in the vicinity of the Roller Rink on East Lake Avenue presented a petition that the rink be closed at 10:30 pm.

Thomas Tiffany and Lewis Arms for application of saddle horse operation. Applications denied until insurance and $75.00 fee paid

06/27/1955- Vernon Hamel General Engineering Company regarding disposal plant on house property for new sewer.

Harding resigned as policeman.  Eugene Kohl was hired at a salary of $175 per month plus $25.00 car allowance.

07/11/1955 – Mr. Miller reported on the situation relative to the auction being held in Bowl Inn Bar building under license from the Village. The Mizrahi Brothers, holder s of the license have been violating state laws and village ordinance and Mr. Miller reported they are closing down and leaving town.

Open up Hale Street in Block 44 past schoolhouse for a cost $500.00.

Beer license to Zeone Howard – Howard’s Motel
(2009 – Now know as Robot World)

07/27/1955 – Dr. R.O. Ebert apply for a license to sell duck tickets and load ducks at the Bowl Inn Bar Building or rather at the booth adjacent to the building. Motion Carried

Wisconsin Dells Amphibian Lines Inc be granted a license Motion Carried

Miss Drumb donated lumber to build the floating raft to be used at the beach at the Village Park.  Duaine Counsell to have floating dock made.

Accept Thomas Tiffany’s Application for a license to handle saddle horses if he stays on Joe Howard Property. Motion Carried.

Wonder Spot granted a license in accordance with their application. Motion Carried

8/10/1955 – Floating pier had been anchored in place and was being put to good use in the park

Old Freer house – sanitary condition to be looked at by health Officer

8/24/1955 – Clerk to Write Francis R Bannen to be present at next regular board meeting September 14, 1955

9/14/1955 – Atty. Francis Bannen appeared to offer proposition concerning serving as Village attorney. Motion Carried.

9/28/1955 – Donated $100.00 Fire Department for Equipment and Town also donated $100.00

10/12/1955 – Mr. T.F. Kouba of the U.S Forest Service – White Pine Blister Rust Control Resolution 10-55-19   (planting of gooseberry bushes, of wild and cultivated currant prohibited)

10/26/1955 – Cities Service Station in Block 38 new driveway

11/16/1955 – Widening and paving of US Hwy 12 (Farmers & Merchants State Bank of Wisconsin Dells or Reedsburg Bank 3% interest for 10 years.)

11/30/1955 – 6 cutouts for Christmas decorations made by Dells Sign Service